What’s Up Next [Readers Challenge]

10574690Woohoo!  First book done and I’ve started my second!  I’m quickly catching up to Elliott (whose posts should start popping up soon, he’s been busy getting back to school)!  It’s interesting because I haven’t read much over the past 6 months and I’ve really missed it, funny that a simple challenge between him and I really kick started my reading!

Normally I’d have a quick, non-spoiler review for you here, but as I said in my previous post where I previewed the book I was going to read, I can’t talk about it!  I will mention that it is by Andrew Couch and I really enjoyed it!  He writes in a unique style that I think a lot of people will find interesting.  You can find his first book here with the second coming out sometime in the next few months!

As you can see below, my first book helped me cross off two challenges: A Book With A One Word Title and A Book You Can Finish In A Day.

Jeremy Update1

Next Book: Anathema

I picked up Anathema by Megg Jensen on a whim in a bundle called Epic: A Fantasy Collection (which, by the way, is only $0.99 right now for 14 high quality series starting books, well worth it!).  Honestly, I read through the descriptions of the 14 books and this just happened to be the one I thought sounded most interesting!

So far, the world is very interesting.  The land once only held one race of people, but they were on the verge of dying out when another race came and saved them in exchange for their devotion.  Many became slaves while others lived free, but very heavily watched over.

The main character, Reychel, is a slave girl.  Her parents died when she was very young and was sold as a slave.  On her 15th birthday, as she is to be branded to forever be marked as a slave, her best friend disappears, only a coin left in her place.

Since this is a spoiler-free preview, I’ll stop there and just say that there is magic and adventure, love and hate in this book!  I’m really enjoying it, I’ve actually read through about 65% in the past two days before I could even get this post up!  Best of all, if you’re interested in just this first book, it’s free!  Though I do recommend just picking up the 14 book bundle, it’s only a buck and it’s a way to help the authors (a side note, one of my favorite authors, Lindsay Buroker, is part of that bundle with her first Emperor’s Edge book, which I reviewed last week).

This book will cross off the following challenges:

  • A book by a female author
  • A book with a love triangle
  • A book with Magic
  • A book by an author you’ve never read before

Nice!  This will help catch me up to Elliott for sure!

How about you?  Have you started this years Readers Challenge?  If so, let us know below!

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