From Anathema to Oubliette [Readers Challenge]

T91h708y2BrL._SL1500_his update is a bit overdue and I apologize for that.  I wrote my last post back in early January and since then work has been in overdrive, even my weekends were taking up a LOT of time, but I’ve managed to keep reading!  In fact I’ve actually completed multiple books since the last post, but lets start with the one I started to read in the last post.

Anathema by Megg Jensen was a great start to what has turned out to be a very interesting trilogy.  While it starts with a character, Reychel, who is very humble and who has accepted her lot in life as a slave, it grows into much more from there.  The first book is more about Reychel’s personal growth than the bigger picture, but this really helps you get to know her, as well as the supporting characters.

She knows she’s been pulled into an underground rebellion against the current rulers, but not much else.  She has been kept separate from the outside world her whole life and this leads her to know very little about it.  She has the idea that something is going on when her previous master does not stop searching for her, but doesn’t pay it much attention.  Of course we find out soon enough that she’s special.

While Jensen goes far to introduce her main character in this first novel, she falls a bit flat, as does the supporting characters.  Even though the overarching story that starts to develop towards the end of this book seems to have been thought out, the sub plots seem a bit too convenient and obvious.  The main characters have little in the way of barriers to overcome, and when they do it seems like it’s easy for them.  Everything feels a bit too superficial (this changes in the second book, but that’s my next post!).  Even the ending of this first book made me feel like I was reading an episode of a 90’s cartoon where everything just fell into place at the right time with very little actual danger or drama.

With that said, I still recommend this novel.  I really enjoyed reading it and I did start the second book literally seconds after finishing the first, and I can’t say that about a lot of series.  By the time you reach the end, you are invested in the story.  As a standalone book it’s hard to give it a solid rating, but it is part of a trilogy and worth your time.

This first book in the trilogy helped me cross off a few of my challenges, namely a book by a female author, a book with a love triangle, a book with magic, and a book by an author you’ve never read before!


Next Book: Oubliette

As you probably guessed my next book is the second book in the Cloud Prophet Trilogy that started with Anathema.  This book picks up literally a second after the end of the first book.  My preview will have spoilers of the first book, so I am going to put it into a spoiler box.

Preview (with first book spoilers)

Already the flat characters from the first book have been replaced by more well rounded characters.  Even Reychel herself has grown a lot as a character and you actually start caring about her.  At first some of the new characters that Jensen introduces fall flat, but this quickly changes.

I’m really looking forward to reading through this book and, eventually, the third one!  The only problem with choosing this one next is that it doesn’t cross ANYTHING off my Reading Challenge list!  The reason I picked it is because I am working on crossing off reading a trilogy from that list early.

What books have you read this year?  We’re always looking for recommendations on what to read!

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