Almost Relevant Episode 010: State of Education with Kevin Owens


99dd30d578ea8278403d7043e311ada6I’m just squeaking this episode in on time, I almost forgot!  I’m deep into a book right now and can’t seem to put it down, trying to work my way through the reader’s challenge.  But that’s not what this weeks topic is!  This week we talk about the state of education in America, specifically the importance of the middle school years.

This was an episode that Elliott and I had only talked briefly about doing before we actually decided on it because it just fit, time wise.  Kevin, who I work with at Citizen Schools, was on spring break at the same time as Elliott and I and it would be hard to find a day and time that would work for all three of us if not!

teachers2We did talk a lot about Citizen Schools and what we do, but we also got into the state of education around the country, what’s going good and what’s not going so good, as well as what the future might look like.  I also got to know Kevin a bit more, since I poked and prodded a bit about why he wants to be a teacher and where he plans on going from here.

Off Topic Picks:

What do you think about the current state of Education in America?  Do you have any stories to share, either as a student or teacher?  Let us know below!


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