Almost Relevant Episode 011: Creative Thinking


candle_DryburghThis was an episode a year in the making, so I really hope everyone enjoys it.  The basics goes like this, I am a creative thinker.  I let my emotions drive me and they really control my decisions.  On the other hand, Elliott is a critical thinker, he lets facts and reasons control his.  We realize we both think the opposite sometimes, but it’s very interesting when we talk about it!

I’m not sure how this episode went.  I will be honest, I felt like there was so much to say, so many smaller topics to cover, that we just scratched the surface of the conversation.  We will be revisiting the topic of creative and critical thinking, but, as the creative thinker, I feel like I want to do a continuation to this exact conversation.

Off Topic Picks:


Are you a creative thinker?  How does this affect your life?  Let us know below!

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