Almost Relevant Episode 013: Podcasting 101


IMG_20150503_131858This is actually a really exciting episode for me to record because I love to share what I have learned in podcasting since 2009 with anyone who wants to listen.  I have started many podcasts, and helped get many others started, as well as do all the editing and technical side of every podcast I’ve ever worked on, so I feel like when I say I know a bit about podcasting, I’m not lying.  If you’re interested in starting a podcast, or just interested in what it takes, this episode is aimed at you, but everyone will find something to enjoy in this episode.


This is a planned 2 part episode, where Podcasting 102 will be sometime in the future, because I knew there was no way I could get through even half of what I have to share.  This episode focuses mostly on WHY you’d want to start a podcast, the logistics behind actually starting one, and a few tips on what types of podcasts might work in the age where everyone and their mothers have started podcasting.


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Got any comments or questions?  Drop them below and I’ll do my best to help!  I love helping the podcasting community in any way that I can.


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