My Top YouTube Channels

You-Tube-LogoI’ve been getting into YouTube a lot lately.  So much so that I actually have not turned on my TV with cable to watch by myself in weeks.  I’m also in the process of starting my own YouTube channel, but if you know me you know things like this take time, since I like to plan them out, have content ready to go, and have a big release, but more on that in the coming weeks.  Lets talk about my top 5 favorite YouTube Channels.

Before I list them, though, I want to talk a little bit about why these made the cut to be my favorite.

First of all, I hate channels that post too many videos.  If I feel spammed, I generally unsubscribe!  This is actually the reason I didn’t use YouTube for a long time, I was following major channels that posted 2, 3, even 5+ videos A DAY!  Why?  Spread your content out!  If you really MUST post multiple videos a day, keep it to 2, one in the morning and one in the evening.  On the flip side of this, I’ll generally unsubscribe or not subscribe to channels that haven’t had a video in more than 3 months, unless it is obvious they’re on some sort of break.

Second, it should be relatable.  Not the subject nessesarily, but the people on the channel.  If I can’t understand where their coming from, or see passion in their words (a very important one), it’s hard for me to want to watch them.

And finally, it has to add value to my day.  Not every video, but I should feel smarter, or at the very least entertained, after watching the majority of the videos.  This probably sounds like a given, but honestly a lot of the popular YouTubers really don’t do much for me, but that’s the best part about YouTube, it doesn’t matter!  I don’t like 1 channel, there’s 10 more I do like!

Anyway, these are in no particular order and I plan on updating this in the future, maybe even make it a top 10.

Top 5:

 Dude Perfect – This is by far the newest addition to my YouTube subscriptions that I’m hooked on.  Elliott is the one who found them and the day he showed them to me, we watched a good 2 hours of their videos.  Basically they do extreme…stuff?  Such as Dizzy Sports Battles, Pogo tricks, Archery tricks, Ping Pong tricks, Bubble Wrap Battles and so much more.  Each video is under 20 minutes and they post about 1 video a week, sometimes slightly less.  Each episode is a mini-competition, but they always seem to have so much fun!


Fine Brother’s Entertainment – If you haven’t heard of the Fine Bros, you’ve been under a YouTube rock.  These guys do the very popular React shows, including Kids React, Teens React, Elders React, YouTubers and the newest Adults React.  For the Kids and Teens, they tend to stick with pop culture, a lot of time whatever is controversial, but they often times have the kids react to old technology or have the elders react to some new trend with kids/teens.  I generally watch their videos without hours of coming out, although I’m not a big fan of their non-react content.


realitychangers – Another fairly new addition to my subscriptions.  Well, I take that back, I subscribed to them a few months ago, but didn’t watch any of the videos until about a week or so ago, and it’s become one of my favorite channels.  Like a lot of YouTube, this channel follows a person’s daily life.  In this case, it’s a man and his two daughters (in more recent videos, he is married, but the show started out with just him and his two kids).  He is always inspirational and often times shows a side of life that isn’t very common, i.e. vulnerability.  Oh, and his youngest daughter is the little girl who took a nap on the beach in a viral Vine video awhile back, if you saw that.


Scishow – Ah Scishow, this takes me back.  I’ve been watching Scishow since sometime around mid-2012 (they started in late 2011), so it’s the oldest on my top 5.  They cover science related topics, including what new discoveries or findings happen, and some science-fiction as well.  This isn’t for the faint of heart, though.  While they do tend to explain themselves in a way that most college-graduates should understand, many episodes fly over my head.  Some of the subjects they’ve covered in their many years are Climate Change, Mind Controlling Parasites, Chemistry of Addiction, Bad Breath, and most recently the Science of Screaming.


The Game Theorists – This is a channel that I can honestly say I have no idea how I found it, what originally attracted me to subscribe, or how long I have been watching, but the channel is amazing.  While it has a few different shows, the main show is simply called Game Theory where the main host goes through different games to prove, disprove, or bring light to a major part in the game or series.  This one almost didn’t make the list because I haven’t been enjoying the videos lately as much as I used to, but then I remembered some of the amazing videos from the past, such as why Super Mario 3D has a cat suit, Humans are PoKeMoN, Origins of the Final Fantasy summons, and so much more.


Runner Ups:

Us the Duo – Great musical duo (now married) that I’ve been listening to since mid-2011. Great stuff here, and they have now released multiple albums and gone on tour!

Good Mythical Morning – A runner up only because I haven’t watched it in months.  They have a daily morning show where they talk about…well just anything, really!  Rhett and Link are great and I will probably get back into their show sometime.


Well there it is, my top 5.  Do you watch any of these channels?  What’s your top 5?

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