Almost Relevant Podcast Episode 018: YouTube Rabbit Hole


3355824586_207b78009b_bThis was an interesting episode, the first of what we hope are many Rabbit Hole episodes where we take something, in this case it was YouTube, and just randomly go at it for 2 hours.  I think the results were pretty interesting.


The most interesting part was when both Elliott and I had our lists somewhat come together.  Even though we never watched the same videos, they came close to each other at one point.

While we COULD link all of the video we watched in the show notes, that would be like 60+ videos, and I don’t think anyone would care, but I did want to share one of my favorites, as well as one of Elliott’s favorites.

The first video is of a pool at the Japanese Art Museum in Japan featuring a pool you can breath under!


The second video is manipulating water with sound.  Really cool



Off Topic Picks:

Have you ever gone on a YouTube Rabbit Hole, even if it wasn’t planned? What is some of the interesting results YOU had?  Let us know below!


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