Letter From Your Host: Changes Coming


649Hello, Almost Relevant Fans!

TL:DR: Youtube is where most content will be, but a lot will be converted to audio and put on the feed.

As you may have noticed, the podcast has not been producing episodes since December, and even before that they were scarce for a few months prior.  The simple fact is that running a podcast with hosts who are living so far apart is not an easy task and I tip my hat to all of those out there who are doing it.

What does this mean for the Almost Relevant Podcast?  Well, it means a few things.  The first is that all of my content is now shifted over to My Almost Relevant Life on YouTube.  Right now I’m just getting started with the channel, but it will have all that Almost Relevant Podcast had to offer and more, including video games, entrepreneurship, and more interviews with interesting people.

While Co-Host Elliott will NOT be along for the ride full time, he will appear there whenever he can.  There is also another part to this that you may like if you’re a fan of podcasts, but not video!  I will be converting many of my videos over to Mp3’s and uploading them on the same feed that our current podcast can be found on!

This means you won’t have to watch the video to get the content, it’ll be available in both!  Please note that not all of the videos I put up will be able to translate to audio, so there will always be more content available on YouTube than on the Podcast feed.

This move is bittersweet for me because Almost Relevant Podcast has been a brainchild of mine for more years than I can think, but making sure it does not die by continuing on YouTube really feels right.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions either here in the comments or find us me on Facebook or Twitter.

Thank you,

Jeremy Collier

Almost Relevant Podcast Episode 019: Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That!


This weeks episode is an ode to the ridiculous, the outrageous, and the just plain dumb controversies that have plagued our existence.

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Almost Relevant Episode 016: Archery and Passion


ElliottIt’s only been two months, but Elliott has wanted to do this episode since day 1.  I told him, “Why don’t you wait until you’re sure it’s something you want to keep doing”, but he insisted he was passionate about it.  Now, less than 60 days later, he is already out shooting people who have been doing it for years!  So when he brought it up this time, it sounded like a really good idea.

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Almost Relevant Episode 015: Vegas, Baby! [Direct From Las Vegas 2 of 2]


IMG_20150705_233112-PANOAs with our previous 4th of July episode, we recorded this one in Las Vegas.  I guess it’s fitting, since we talk about Las Vegas and how to get the most out of your stay there.  We are in no way experts (it’s only my second time there), but it’s not hard to pick up a few tips and tricks if you’re paying attention.

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Almost Relevant Episode 014: 4th of July [Direct From Las Vegas 1 of 2]


4th july no fireworksIt’s the 4th of July!  Wait, what do you mean it’s the 14th?  Really?  MAN!  Missed it by THAT much!  Okay, seriously, we recorded this on the 4th of July while we were in Las Vegas and when I got back I had some computer problems.  Still, I think you’ll enjoy this episode, so please download (or stream) it and let us know what you think!

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Almost Relevant Episode 013: Podcasting 101


IMG_20150503_131858This is actually a really exciting episode for me to record because I love to share what I have learned in podcasting since 2009 with anyone who wants to listen.  I have started many podcasts, and helped get many others started, as well as do all the editing and technical side of every podcast I’ve ever worked on, so I feel like when I say I know a bit about podcasting, I’m not lying.  If you’re interested in starting a podcast, or just interested in what it takes, this episode is aimed at you, but everyone will find something to enjoy in this episode.

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Almost Relevant Episode 012: May The 4th Be With You


9IvATWhen Darth Maul attacked Tattooine, the Jeti were there.  When Count Dooku hired Jango Fett to assassinate Padme Amidala, the Jeti were there.  When the droid army tried to annihilate  thousands of people and take over the empire, the Jeti were there.  And when the Jeti temple was attacked…well okay, they all died, BUT when Dark Vader and Darth Sidious tried to use their power to take over the entire galaxy, the Jeti were there!  And in honor of this, we celebrate Star Wars day, may the 4th be with you.

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