Almost Relevant Episode 007: Impact Of Technology On Our Society


6a00e5521e0b2e88330168eae8fe65970c-800wiThis week we have a more serious topic, the impact of technology on our society and are joined by John Francisco, who was on our Marvel Studios episode a few weeks ago.  I say it is a more serious topic because we are able to delve into how things have changed in the past 30 years.

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From Anathema to Oubliette [Readers Challenge]


I wrote my last post back in early January and since then work has been in overdrive, even my weekends were taking up a LOT of time, but I’ve managed to keep reading! In fact I’ve actually completed multiple books since the last post, but lets start with the one I started to read in the last post.

Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None


I was talking with co-host Elliott today about why I feel so overwhelmed in my life and I think together we came up with some good ideas. While this is a post more on the personal side, it’s also to help others struggling with too many eggs in too many baskets.

Almost Relevant Episode 006: I Love You!


1794609_10201689212538129_352780153_nAh, love.  What a powerful word!  When was the last time you told somebody you love them (and meant it)?  This episode was inspired by a YouTube video I saw a while back (below) and it really made me think.  As always me and Elliott have two very different opinions about the topic!

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Almost Relevant Episode 005: Disney’s Marvel with Patrick Solis and John Francisco


This week we talk about Disney Marvel’s licencing woes and what they’re trying to do to solve the problems! We are joined with Patrick from the Knights of the Video Game Table Podcast and John, fellow geek and gamer.