Almost Relevant Episode 009: FOGCon 2015


5489334505_e0c5ed390a_zA few weeks ago Elliott and I went to a local literary convention here in the Bay Area called FOGCon, which stands for Friends of Genre Convention.  Basically it’s a very small (mostly) Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention that takes place in the basement of a hotel.  Okay, the basement happens to be a pretty nice conference center with a lot of different breakout rooms, but it sounds better if I just say basement!

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What’s Up Next [Readers Challenge]


Woohoo!  First book done and I’ve started my second!  I’m quickly catching up to Elliott (whose posts should start popping up soon, he’s been busy getting back to school)!  It’s interesting because I haven’t read much over the past 6 months and I’ve really missed it, funny that a simple …

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